Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the 4th Day of Christmas

...my true love gave to me four calling birds. What exactly is a calling bird? According to Wikipedia it's a blackbird. So here is one of my favorite songs, so beautiful and simple it sometimes make me tear up.
I once heard someone explain that the blackbird in this song ís a symbol of the african-american peoples struggle for freedom. After the abolition of slavery, many former slaves still remained on the plantations, unable to fly on their broken wings. The dead of night is supposedly the period they would have to wait, untill the civil rights movement in the 60s made it possibly for them  to spread their wings. It's just one of many intrepretations of this song, but it makes sense to me. Enjoy!


Leovi said...

No doubt a great song lyrics and music.

Stine Hoelgaard Johansen said...

ønsker om en dejlig nytårs aften til dig og dine, med eller uden py