Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas shopping


The snow is back here in Copenhagen. Yesterday it seemed to come down all day and it was so cold and windy. It looks beautiful when you're sitting inside, all warm and cosy, but it wasn't fun to be out in! This year I've ordered most of the christmas presents online (fingers crossed that they'll be delivered in time for christmas!),but I still have a lot of food shopping to do, so hopefully we'll have some nice weather next week. 
Hope you have a great weekend!


AbluMoo said...

Vakre København. Jeg bodde der et halvt år og elsket hvert øyeblikk. :-)

dls said...

I wonder what kind of delicious treats you will be making?

Anja said...

@dls: We'll be making a traditional danish christmas dinner, roast duck with apple and prune stuffing, red cabbage and sugar glazed potatos. I know, sugar glazed! But it's tradition :-) The days after christmas we'll be eating lots of pickled heering, liver pate and gravlax. And sweets :-) How about you?

Teje said...

Hei Anja! What happens this year with all that snow!!! At least you have beautiful Christmas weather! I wish you Joyful Christmas time and all the best for the year 2011!
xxx Teje

TIKA said...

Oh, I enjoy in snowy weather. This year nature is giving us a lot of snow :)

And your traditional dinner must be jummy!

KERRY said...

Bet it looks lovely. My father-in-law in stranded in Copenhagen this very moment! Hopefully he'll make it back for Christmas.

dls said...

Congratulations on winning Tika's lovely piece of pottery.

"Pickled herring, liver pate and gravlax"..... not sure about this.... bet it is an acquired taste?

We will have something simple, maybe a turkey breast roasted, mashed potatoes (boring, but hubby's favorite), cranberry sauce..... a traditional fare. Your duck with apple and prunes and sugar glazed potatoes sounds rather delicious.

I need to bake some cookies yet..... have a wonderful old German (translated from) recipe for lebkuchen.... my favorite. Love the subtle flavors in this spice cookie.

Have a special holiday.

Anja said...

@Kerry: Thanks for your comment, hope your father-in-law made it back in time! Traffic is just impossible, trains, airports, the roads, all is affected by the weather.

@dls: Yes, it's an acquired taste :-) And thank you Donna, I've been off-line for a couple of days, so hadn't noticed that I was the lucky winner!
Love mashed potatoes, real comfort food, and cranberry sauce is one of my new favorites. Enjoy the baking, your lebkuchen sounds really delicious, love those spices this time of year.
Have a lovely, peaceful christmas.