Monday, November 1, 2010

Macaron heaven

When I visit London I always stop by the Ladurée shop in Burlington Arcade. Ladurée are famous for their macarons and they really are very delicious! The licorice one is an all time favorite... The first macarons I ever tasted were from a patisserie here in Copenhagen called La Glace. The shop has existed for 140 years and is famous for their many varieties of layer cakes. But La Glace have also been making macarons for ages and suddenly the traditinal shop is part of the current macaroon trend. When I passed La Glace the other day, their windows were a total macaron heaven filled with beautiful colours. Just lovely.


allesistgut said...

Wow they look really delicious! And all the pretty colours. I know only macaroons with coco. They have a rough look.

Have a nice day! allesistgut

Anja said...

They are nice too, but these are something else :-) And come in so many different colours and flavors:

Have a nice day!

Leovi said...

Beautiful compositions. Greetings