Saturday, November 13, 2010

The cupcake has landed!

A while ago I saw some cupcakes in a department store with bright green, yellow and pink frosting, so I took some photos and was going to write a post about them. Them seemed very artificial, but also strangely alluring...
It seems like the world has gone crazy for cupcakes lately and perhaps they have already had their day. Here in Copenhagen we've been a bit slow to get on board and those brightly coloured ones were some of the first 'real' cupcakes I've seen. But... then I had a tip from my hairdresser and I went to this shop called Agnes. Now talk about real cupcakes! The shop opened in september and they make the most fantastic varieties, I mean imagine a licorice or ginger zing cupcake...Their cupcakes are not only pretty, but so delicious!  


allesistgut said...

I have also the impression that the world goes crazy about cupcakes. :)) I haven't seen here a cupcake shop still not yet. So you can assume that here in Rostock the world goes even slower than in Copenhagen. :)))
The cupcakes you show looks really delicious. Maybe at my next visit in Copenhagen I check this shop out. As I seen on the map it is located directly in the city.
Have a nice weekend.

concrete & honey said...

Hi Anja,
This shop looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and thanks for being such a loyal visitor.
x Nicola

Iveth Morales said...

Oh my, those look so good! specially the purple one, it looks like it might be blackberry...yum.

Anja said...

@Iveth: it's blueberry :-)