Friday, October 22, 2010

Just for show

Love these decorative gourds. They come in all shapes and sizes, luring me into buying them every year with their gorgeous oranges and greens. Right now I have some lying in my windowsill, some of them a gift from my sister-in-law, Paula. I love them and they look beautiful, but sometimes they also seem a bit silly as they serve no other purpose than to be pretty. Not like a basil plant or a basket of apples that you can turn into something tasty. But perhaps they don't need a purpose, other than to make me smile... Have a great weekend!


John Frantsen said...

Tak Anja ;o) Ja, den udstilling er helt sikkert et besøg værd. Jeg blev i hvert fald positivt overrasket.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin,

Good idea to make a blog – so nice to read it :) Very nice pictures, have you bought a new camera?

Have a good weekend, greeting to Rune.

Love from and early mom who have been up since 6 o’clock today… Zzzzzz….

C :)

Anja said...

Glad you like the blog cousin! No new camera, just started using the old one :-)Hugs to you and your lovely family, Anja