Monday, August 22, 2011

Snail in the city


Rafa said...

Nice pictures.

Thanks for visiting at my blog.

Tiziana said...

Refreshing, almost abstract leaves! I like in a special way the second one. Tiziana

Holly Hox said...

Woah buddy--those are some beautiful photos! I especially love the bottom one (some type of lupine?), it is dazzling. Have a great weekend!

Cristina said...

Che belle foto, la lumaca e quei strani fiori. Ciao Cri : ) a presto!

eziozerziani said...

Very nice shots, nice colors! Ciao

annawithlove said...

very pretty! love the colours, I miss the sun and summer already!! :(

Anonymous said...

I watched the nice summer pictures you made. Long time no see. Hope you are fine.
Have a nice day.

Admin said...

These pictures are great. Good luck for the future, keep sharing.
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