Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Seeing red

Photos from the neighborhood. The chinese shop is open. Some poor child has dropped a lollipop. The cafes have moved tables outside in the spring sun. A door shouts "hello".

(I'm sorry to tell you that the pretty Fritillaria in the last post was found at the flower shop, not in a garden. I think it's still to early here in Copenhagen...)


Leovi said...

You chose a nice combination of red and gray.Saludos.

dls said...

Well, at least you can find a Fritillaria without having to grow your own from a bulb catalog! Thanks for sharing your pretty find!

Love your neighborhood photos.... the red door against the gray bricks is so cheerful and inviting!

Tiziana said...

Oh, the lollipop....a bit sad but stunning image!
I heart polka dots on red!!!!
Have a nice day! Tiziana

Cristina said...

bella serie....il rosso un bel colore che si evidenzia sempre. ciao cri : )

Holly said...

I am LOVING your color photo collections. My favorite picture is the broken lollipop. I would have been tempted to pick it up and have a lick!